European War 6 1914 Wiki

Bulgaria is a (★) nation with the hard difficulty and is a powerful nation for the Balkans with higher generals and economy count than other Balkan nations.

A.D 1865[]

Bulgaria starts off in its traditional location and it borders Romania, Montenegro, Greece and the Ottoman Empire. Its allies are Prussia, the United Kingdom, the Ottoman Empire, Spain, Romania, the German Confederation, and Bavaria. Its general is Mihail Savov (Cavalry)

A.D 1914[]

Bulgaria received a major buff in terms of general count as it now has Ivan Fichev (Cavalry), Boyadzhiev (Infantry) and Zhostov (Artillery) Its allies are the German Empire, Austria-Hungary, the Ottoman Empire and the Tribal Union. Bulgaria can actually be used to complete a campaign in 3 rounds by clever placements on fighting Romania and Serbia.

A.D 1917[]

Bulgaria's new allies are Canada, the Iroquois, Mexico, Colombia, and Spain. Their general count is the same but Fichev is dropped. Overall, its a bit more easier due to the Ottoman Empire owning Romania so they can focus west and east