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Canada is a 2 star Monarch state that appears in the 1861, 1865 and in 1917 conquest. In 1865 it is a country that is not available to the player as it is controlled by a NPC. In 1861, Canada is allied with The United Kingdom, The Iroquois, The Confederate States, Spain, Venezuela and Colombia. In 1861 and 1865 your only general is Garnet Wolseley (Infantry) is below average with some average abilities but his default troop is Light Infantry. You border the Iroquois, the United Kingdom and the United States.


Your main role is to help the Confederate States to defeat the United States and Mexico before they defeat them. Move south to make the United States to go into a two front war and they'll weaken with the help of your allies. Should you successfully defeat them, you should go south to Central and South American to defeat the rest of your enemies.


Canada is also a 2 star country on the monarch side. Due to this, it is allied to the German Empire, Austria-Hungary, Ottoman Empire, Mexico and others. It borders the United Kingdom and the United States.


In 1917 it is almost impossible to win as both your neighbours are your enemies and are both three stars. I have not found a strategy that has been succesful.


  • Canada in 1861 looks to own south Michigan and the Lake Erie coast of Ohio.
  • Canada in 1865 is the only non playable nation that chooses a side by a A.I, its general is also Garnet Wolseley