European War 6 1914 Wiki

Conquest is one of the 3 game modes; the others being Campaign and history. There are currently 4 conquests to choose from.

Player can choose one of the participating Countries of the Conquest to play the game. Countries are divided into Great Powers (★★★), Secondary Powers (★★) and Minor Powers (★), which corresponds to the country's strength and size. Thus the conquest will be harder if you choose a Minor Power over a Regional Power or a Great Power. Finishing a conquest with a low star country however, will grant you greater rewards.

A.D 1861:[]

This takes place during the American Civil War and very loosely based off of the Spanish-American War with factions like Cuba and Spain.

A.D 1865:[]

This takes place during the Austro-Prussian War of 1865 and loosely based off the Montenegrin-Ottoman War and the Cretan Revolt of 1866 which explains why the Balkan factions are involved and not neutral.

A.D 1914:[]

This conquest takes place in the early phases of the Great War or World War 1 as commonly known. This is the first conquest that has Africa and Scandinavia.


United Kingdom (★★★) Difficulty: Normal[]

France (★★★) Difficulty: Normal[]

Russian Empire (★★★) Difficulty: Normal[]

German Empire (★★★) Difficulty: Normal[]

Belgium (★) Difficulty: Hard[]

Belgium may be the easiest one-star country you can win with in 1914 conquest.

At beginning, you have a few ressources in stock and are directly attacked by a strong german army. Don’t use your money to ugrade your city, use it to buy militia in order to resist to the initial attack until French army come to help you. Also, be sure to don’t lose your howitzer and Albert 1, they will be essential for your expansion.

When to French army will arrive, even if they cannot defeat german army, she will put them weak and catch a part of there attention. Profit of the confusion they create to send your two start unit to take Hamburg, not Cologne or Frankfurt. If you try to attack one this two cities, your units will be destroy before even reaching them and, even if you are able to reach them, you will face a huge opposition: all germans west front troops, a few germans and maybe austro-hungarians generals and also a imperial fort. If a miracle happen and you take one this two cities, you will be surrended by germans troops so keeping it will be really hard. On the side, if you attack Hamburg you will face no real opposition (if you don’t move your units directly on side of the city) and will not face a huge counter attack (if you even need to face one). Taking Hamburg will also cut german direct access to North Sea, greatly helping the British landing.

From there, move to attack Berlin and begin to produce better units in Bruxelles to finish germans units. Your objective will be to first, stop the germans attack on Russia and then progressing in direction of the south. For the end of the game, don’t forget to retake Portugal islands in the Atlantic Ocean. Germany have some units who spawn at a certain point.

Austria-Hungary (★★★) Difficulty: Normal[]

Italy: (★★) Difficulty: Easy[]

If you play Italy, you only must fight on two fronts: the African front and the Balkans front. For the Africa, just send two units: the light machine gunner in Cagliari and the redshirt in Palermo. Make them land near Tunis and walk to the French city on west of Alger. The German should besiege her so take it will she is empty to stop German progression. Pay the Tribal Union to delay there enter in the war by two turns, the time you need to destroy the german army entirely, including the tank that spawn in Rabat. It’s possible that you’re not able to kill Otto Von Below. Your task will be to resist to the Tribal Union and German attack until the Portuguese navy came. When they will be there, take Rabat and finish the Tribal Union.

On the other side, you will need to create a bottleneck around Venise. Send a few units in north near Munich to attract german army attention. They will rush toward you, just like Austro-Hungarian army. Profit of the fact that they will stuck near Venise to destroy their key units: Horthy, Prince Leopold, Stjepan Sarkotic, Krasnik, Hotzendorf and Boroevic. When it will be do, just go in north direction to take Munich and Nuremberg and to support the British and french army.

At begin do not try to go help your allies in the Balkans: Greece, Montenegro, Serbia and Romania. If you do that, your army will be greatly damaged by the Austro-Hungarian fleet and will be left surrounded by powerful armies (Austro-Hungarian, Ottoman and Bulgarian) in the middle of the Balkans. Be also aware of any enemy landing in Italia after they take over all the Balkans.

Portugal: (★★) Difficulty: Normal[]

Playing Portugal in 1914 conquest is very peaceful in comparison of other countries.

Your first target will be Africa. Put all the troops you have in your country on the sea and send them in direction of west African coast. Use the troops you have at beginning near Casablanca to take this city fast (before turn 4). Then, hold on the city until your army finish the travel between Portugal and Africa. When they will be near the coast, make them land around Rabat and take the city. From there just take control of whole African enemy territory. While you do that, produce submarines in the islands you control in Atlantic Ocean (4 or 5). At turn 19, a german army compose of one battleship, one submarine, one firebat, one tank and one howitzer will spawn on you.

When Africa will be secure, begin moving your troops toward Balkans, in order to retake good city like Athens. During the travel provide financial help to your allies, especially Russia. They will need it to survive. If your fast enough, and if your lucky, the French, Russian and British army could even be able to completely destroy German Empire and greatly injure Austro-Hungarian Empire before you were even able to set a foot into Balkans.

From there just do as usual: finish Austro-Hungarian Empire, secure the Balkans and then attack Ottoman Empire with all your allies.

Montenegro: (★) Difficulty: Hard[]

Romania: (★) Difficulty: Hard[]

Serbia: (★) Difficulty: Hard[]

Bulgaria: (★★) Difficulty: Normal[]

On the first sight it can seem difficult to win with Bulgaria in 1914. You are surrounded by four enemy countries who have a total of 7 generals and Russia and Italia are very close. In reality, if you manage well your time you could be able to unit Balkans before Italia arrive.

On beginning you are only in war with Romania and Serbia so send all your troops to defeat Romania fast and one weak unit to take Belgrade when to Austro-Hungarian empire will clear the city. Be aware of Russian fleet on the second turn, if you can defeat them without losing too many ships you will have the opportunity to advance easily into the south of Russia. Don’t forget that countries you face have only one city so if you take her there generals will disappear.

After defeating Serbia and Romania be ready to invade Montenegro and Greece. Send your artillery general to destroy Montenegro capital and attack Athens with your ships, the Ottoman empire should help you. Keep a few ships (one or two if you can afford) in Black Sea. Use the first to destroy Donetsk and the second to support Ottoman armies around Tbilisi and Trabzon.

When the Balkans will be unificated you will be able to turn your attention toward Russia and Italy. For Russia your main objective is to stop his progress into German, Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian empire. Just take control of all the front line. Your objectives should be Tbilisi, Donetsk, Kiev, Lublin and Warsaw. After you establish a line, take the smaller cities like Minsk, Smolensk, Kharkiv, Saratov and Tsaritsyno.

On the other front, the Italian front, keep Italian armies into sea and don’t let them move armies from Venise to inner Austro-Hungarian territory. Your objective is to be able to squeeze Rome between two armies. To make that land in south Italy, take the first city you meet and then move to Naples. You should only need the support of your navy to accomplish that. If you can afford it, after landing in Italy or taking Naples, you can send a unit and a ship to take Palermo. In the north, take Venice and Brescia by using your artillery general and move toward Florence. If you can afford it, you can also attack Turin. Just keep in mind that your main target is Rome.

From there you should be able to finish by yourself. Just don’t forget to support French-German front if they need it.

Ottoman Empire:(★★★) Difficulty: Easy[]

Tribal Union: (★) Difficulty: Easy[]

Neutral/Unplayable Factions:[]

Spain (★★)[]

Netherlands: (★)[]

Denmark: (★★)[]

Switzerland: (★)[]

Egypt: (★)[]

Libya: (★)[]

Sweden: (★)[]

Norway: (★)[]

A.D 1917[]

This takes place during the late phases of World War 1 and the Russian Revolution. There are also some elements of alternate history thrown in like Mexico agreeing to the Zimmerman Telegram, Canada who refuse second conscription, Egypt declaring its independence from the British and some country of Balkans like the Serbia who where completely occuped.


United States: (★★★) Difficulty: Normal[]

Canada: (★★) Difficulty: Hard[]

Iroquois: (★) Difficulty: Hard[]

Mexico: (★★) Difficulty: Hard[]

Colombia: (★) Difficulty: Hard[]

Cuba: (★) Difficulty: Hard[]

United Kingdom: (★★★) Difficulty: Easy[]

France: (★★★) Difficulty: Normal[]

Empire of Brazil: (★★) Difficulty: Easy[]

Peru: (★) Difficulty: Normal[]

Portugal: (★) Difficulty: Normal[]

Spain: (★★★) Difficulty: Normal[]

German Empire: (★★★) Difficulty: Normal[]

Morocco: (★) Difficulty: Normal[]

Belgium: (★) Difficulty: Normal[]

Italy: (★★) Difficulty: Easy[]

Libya: (★) Difficulty: Normal[]

Austria-Hungary: (★★★) Difficulty: Normal[]

Montenegro: (★) Difficulty: Hard[]

Romania: (★★) Difficulty: Normal[]

Serbia: (★) Difficulty: Normal[]

Egypt: (★) Difficulty: Normal[]

Bulgaria: (★) Difficulty: Hard[]

Russian Empire: (★★) Difficulty: hard[]

RSFSR: (★★) Difficulty: Hard[]

Ottoman Empire: (★★★) Difficulty: Normal[]

Neutral Unplayable Factions:

Netherlands: (★)

Denmark: (★)

Switzerland: (★)

Sweden: (★)

Norway: (★)

Venezuela: (★)