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Empire of Brazil is a (★) star and neutral faction that appears in A.D 1861. It isn't playable but you can attack and invade it as a participating faction. It also appears on the Eagle side in A.D 1917 and it is then playable.

A.D 1861[]

The Empire of Brazil is the largest faction in South America but it lacks a general and can be easily invaded if nobody else is attacking you for resources as it has 2 cities and other buildings. It borders Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, France and Netherlands.

A.D 1917[]

The Empire of Brazil Gets a massive buff. It gets a General, JosePessoa, it has 5 cities, with one of them being level 4. It has 2 stables and 1 factory. It also gets a small navy. It borders Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, France, The United Kingdom and Netherlands.


As you are on the Eagle side, your can dominate in South America, You go after Colombia, Mexico and help in Cuba. If you need resources you can go after Venezuela. Finally you have to send troops to Europe, where the Eagle side normally lose there.