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France is a major country in European War 6: 1914 as it has major roles in all 4 scenarios in conquest and its ranked as (★★★) in all conquests with it having (★★) in A.D 1861.

A.D 1861:[]

France is located in whats supposed to be French Guyana (Even though its located in Brazilian coast) and owns the island of Clipperton. Your allies are the United States, Mexico, Cuba and Peru. It borders the Netherlands, and the Empire of Brazil. It also has close maritime borders with Spain which is your main enemy is this campaign. You have 2 generals in South America: Bazaine (Cavalry) and Trochu (Infantry) Your diplomat is Joseph Gallieni (Artillery). This is arguably the easiest campaign in A.D 1861 as the strategy below will explain why.


First help Cuba kill Spain as they are your biggest threat to begin with. Don't focus on Spain too much as you have to also help Peru and Mexico kill Colombia and Venezuela to unite South America under one force. If both go well, you can help the United States and Mexico destroy the Confederate States and take down Canada, Iroquois and the United Kingdom.

A.D 1865:[]

France is in its modern borders. It borders Belgium, the German Confederation, Bavaria, Italy, Switzerland and Spain with close maritime borders with the United Kingdom and the Papal States. Your allies are Portugal, the Russian Empire, Greece, Montenegro, Denmark, Italy and the Austrian Empire. You have a significant amount of enemies to worry about and Prussia usually does well in destroying Austria and Russia with their 4 generals. You also have to worry about the other 2 German states as they usually target you or Italy and then the UK and Spain will hassle you with them sending forces as your borders. You only have 3 generals that being Macmahon, Cary (Cavalry) and Trochu (Infantry). Sometimes Napoleon III (Artillery) will replace Macmahon as the general for the Paris slot.


First you need to get rid of Spain, and hold off their attacks in the Southern border. Once you have gained enough troops in the South, you may then start a general offensive into Spain and help Portugal. After getting rid of Spaniards, focus your attention on the British. I suggest you must have a decent naval general like Horace Hood and Max Looff (if you are new in the game), or David Beatty, Franz von Hipper, or Reginald Bacon (if you are experienced and have the medals to afford them) because invading Britain is difficult since they have a strong Navy. Afterwards, you may proceed to the east and help your allies in defeating the remaining enemy nations like the Ottomans, Romanians, and etc. Note: Make sure to research the 2 special units of France: the Old Guar and Guard Cavalry.

A.D 1914[]

France has the same borders and they have colonies in Africa. They border Belgium, the German Empire, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Tribal Union, and Libya. Your allies are the United Kingdom, Portugal, Belgium, Italy, the Russian Empire, Romania, Serbia, Montenegro, and Greece. Your main and really only enemy is Germany who poses a threat but can be easily partitioned by its neighbors. You also have to worry about Africa with your enemies being considerable but with the help of Portugal, you can kick them out. Your generals are Philippe Petain (Infantry), Ferdinand Foch (Artillery), Joseph Joffre (Cavalry), Guepratte (Navy) and Antoine de Mitry (Cavalry)


First, deploy all your troops stationed in France to help the Belgians defend their country. You need to get rid of german and german, because this two generals are too powerful. In Africa, take a defensive position there and soften up the German troops there. Once you managed to soften up the Germans in Africa, launch a counter-attack against the Germans in their territory with the assistance of Portugal. In the Western Front, as much as possible hold off every attack against the Germans and Austro-Hungarian forces. Make sure that the generals of France (De Gaulle, Petain, and Foch) are not dead; otherwise, the conquest will be difficult. If the French generals are in low health, put them in the temple in the provinces that has one and regain their back to full health. Before you could launch a counter-offensive into Germany, and Austria-Hungary, be sure to gather a large army to fulfill the goals. After doing so, proceed with the counter-offensive and annihilate German Empire, Russian Empire, and then finally the Bulgarian Empire.

A.d 1917[]

France has same borders as in 1865, with the same generals. Your new allies are German Empire, Russian SFSR, Austria-Hungary and Egypt


  • France is one of the very few factions to have land borders with only neutral nations in A.D 1861
  • Turin was owned by Italy in 1914 but the game depicts France owning it.
  • Clipperton Island has a city which currently has no permanent settlements and the island is uninhabited.
  • France is the only nation that appears in all conquests on the same side.