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The German Empire (1871-1918) is a major player in the 1914 and 1917 conquests scenario. The German Empire is a (★★★) country and is part of the Central Powers.

A.D 1914[]

The German Empire is in the middle of Europe so it borders France, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, the Russian Empire, Switzerland, and Austria-Hungary. Its allies are Austria-Hungary, the Ottoman Empire, Bulgaria and the Tribal Union. Its generals are Reinhard Scheer (Navy), Wilhelm II (Cavalry), Paul Von Hindenburg (Artillery), Erich Ludendorff (Cavalry) and Moltke the Younger (Cavalry) The German Empire in this era has a extremely high general count to balance the game.


3 of your generals are located near Belgium so its ideal to invade them and also a French infantry unit in Baden. Be wary of the British navy in the North Sea which has a submarine.The Eastern Front is easier as Russia has their units spread out so you can tackle them in any order and the Austro-Hungarians will help you. Italy shouldn't be ignored as they will send units to their northern borders.

A.D 1917[]

The German Empire has the same borders but gains a border with the RSFSR. Your general count is reduced to only have Ludendorff, Hindenburg and Scheer are the ones to remain. Their new allies include Spain, Canada, Egypt, Mexico, Colombia, Cuba, the Iroquois, and the RSFSR.


Three generals are near France, but French, British and Belgian forces are guarding France and Belgium and should not be attacked. Send generals and batfires to the southern border of Italy. There is also a tank in Berlin using march 100% Take it to Italy. batfire and Militia are in southern Poland Send them to northeastern Austria-Hungary, when the Russians They destroyed the Austrian cities with artillery. You enter the cities and take them. Let General Ivanov destroy the RSFSR cities, enter and take them, then help the RSFSR defeat Russia and capture Saint Petersburg and Finland.


In the December 2019 version, Germany owns Prague while Austria-Hungary owns Munich. This was fixed in a later update