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Mexico or the First Mexican Republic is a playable faction that appears in A.D 1861 and A.D 1917 and it is rated (★★)

A.D 1861:[]

Mexico borders the United States, Confederate States, Venezuela and Colombia. Your allies are the United States, France, Cuba and Peru. Your only general is Benito Juarez (Infantry) Your main priority is to help your allies in North and South America as you own the entirety of Central America. With your roundabout position, you can heavily affect the outcome of the conquests and contribute to your allies in many ways


First send troops into Texas to try to gain some rather underdefended cities while you hold out your South American army until Peru and France join in. You also have to defeat the Spanish fleet in the Pacific by Round 10. The rest is self explanitory,

A.D 1917[]

Mexico borders the United States and has close naval bordes with Cuba and Venezuela. Your allies are German Empire, Austria-Hungary, Ottoman Empire, Cuba and others. You have the same general and a bit stronger army. Your main Priority is take out the United States as you are on the Crown Side.


The only strategy is try take out the United States before they take out Canada, Iroquois and Cuba your alllies. This is rather hard as United States is strong and they have strong allies in America (France and United Kingdom).