European War 6 1914 Wiki

The Netherlands is a (★) faction that is neutral in all 4 scenarios and due to this, is unplayable in all factions.

A.D 1861[]

The Netherlands is neutral and it borders Venezuela, the Empire of Brazil and France. It resembles Suriname as that region actually was a Dutch colony. Its not as big as Brazil so its easier to invade as the Netherlands has no generals nor that many good troops. I especially recommend the invading the Netherlands as France once you kill off the rest of the reds in South and Central America.

A.D 1865[]

The Netherlands borders Belgium, the German Confederation and Prussia with close naval borders with Denmark. The country most likely to succeed invading this country is Prussia in order to flank around France and also for resources. Vice versa can be said for France but in a more difficult situation as they have to worry about way more countries in that scenario.

A.D 1914[]

The Netherlands borders the German Empire and Belgium. Its a very easy target with only 2 units and a underleveled city. Its a good expansion country for Belgium to get some extra money as the German Empire will usually be focused on the Russian Empire or France.

A.D 1917[]

Netherlands is nearly unchanged, apart from the fact it gains it's colonies in South America.


The Netherlands in this game has the flag of the Dutch Republic, a country that wasn't present ever since the Napoleonic Wars, it had its modern flag by all 4 scenarios.