European War 6 1914 Wiki

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Peru is a (★) faction that is ranked hard in difficulty. It appears in A.D 1861 and A.D 1917

A.D 1861:[]

Peru is difficult as its surrounded by enemies with your only reliable ally being Mexico. Your allies are the United States, Mexico, Cuba and France. Which almost all of them are pretty far away. You share borders with Colombia and the Empire of Brazil What makes Peru so difficult is that even if you were to kill Colombia and somehow kill Venezuela, Spain has a fleet near your coast ready to destroy you. It doesn't help that your main city is near the coast, vulnerable to naval attacks. Your general Seminario is decent with some good abilities so he can provide some defense


There's a 50% of Colombia declaring war on you at Round 1 while the other 50% will leave Venezuela to war you. What my best strategy is to appoint generals to your starting troops and try to pay the other country to delay their attack as much rounds as you can. Mexico will eventually join in and help you kill off your 2 South American enemies.

A.D 1917[]

Peru is a bit easier as you have stronger allies close by (Empire of Brazil and United Kingdom). You need to help take out Mexico. Your allies are Empire of Brazil, United Kingdom, United States, France, Belgium and others.