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The Russian Empire (1721-1917) is a (★★★) nation with easy (A.D 1865) and medium (A.D 1914) difficulties.It is a major nation that is located in the far east of the map.

A.D 1865[]

Russia sides with the republic side so its allies are France, Portugal, the Austrian Empire, Italy, Montenegro, Denmark, and Greece. Its generals are Andrey Selivanov (Artillery), Nikolai Ivanov (Artillery) and Anton Saltz (Cavalry) You border Prussia, Austria, Romania and the Ottoman Empire. Your main enemy is the Ottomans as they have two generals in the Caucasus front in which you have to counter them as many players reported that the Ottomans would often end up destroying Russia in the Caucasus front. Prussia will be focused on Austria while Romania will be on the Balkans.


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A.D 1914[]

Russia obviously sides with the Triple Entente so its allies are the United Kingdom, France, Portugal, Belgium, Montenegro, Italy, Serbia, Greece and Romania. Your generals this time are Aleksei Brusilov (Cavalry), Nikolai Ivanov (Artillery) and Radko Dimitriev (Artillery). You border the German Empire, Austria-Hungary, Romania, Sweden and the Ottoman Empire. Your main priority is to try and defend yourself as you're surrounded by other powers looking to beat the crap out of you however try to advance on Austria-Hungary as they'll be distracted by Serbia and Romania.


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A.D 1917[]

The Russian Empire is now split in a civil war between the White Army and the Red Army. Their new allies are the United States, Brazil, Peru, Morocco and Libya. The Russian generals include Nikolai Ivanov (Artillery) Radko Dimitriev (Artillery) and Aleksei Brusilov (Cavalry) St. Petersburg is split in half from the rest of your country and there are Soviet armies near it so you have to protect it while also fighting off the Germans and the Austro-Hungarians. You can also start a front in the Caucasus but its not recommended.


This is difficult in the challenge conquest(as of challenge conquest update in aug2020)) As Russia, ur main focus is on RSFDSR(they have very good generals take note. ) The Soviet russians will attack St.Petersburg. Hold them there and use ur generals Dimitrev and Ivanov to steal open cities(tq AI for smtimes letting cities open) The 1st 20 rounds will eb the most difficult but dont worry. German Empire is *** and they will 🔩up. The British,French,Belgian and Italians will evantually conquer Germany. Ur main worry is Austro-Hungary and Ottoman Empire because the Balkan front will almost always fall to the Central Powers.(Depends on ur side). Secondly Use Brusilov to try and open a limited front in the Caucasus(After beating back repeated Turk assults on Tibilisi) When the Entente have conquered Germany support them in a 2 front war against Austro hungary Bulgaria and Ottoman Empire. In the meantime, use ur troops in the Caucasus front to attack Egypt(if not already conquered) Dont worry about Spain or America, they can handle themselves.(UNLESS AI decide to not play properly) If America is controlled then focus attention on Spain. In a nutshell this is ur pattern of attack: 🗡RSFDSR= German Empire + Austro hungary = Ottoman Empire = Egypt+ Bulgaria. Optional(Spain and America: but dont worry America has a 95% cahnce to knock out both Canada and Mexico and usuallly France,Portugal, the African states will overwhelm Spain) #Win


  • Russia is the only country that switch colors in between campaigns as they switch from a Red-Orange color to White.